Road Rockets


Voodoo Cowboy Entertainment has partnered up with Christian Moore and Nancy Higgins on a new feature documentary project about the American history of hot rod and custom car culture - past and present. The filmmakers have shot 80 hours of high definition footage so far, and are just beginning post production work with editor, Leah Marino. While cool, vintage cars are at the center of the story, it's really about the people and their passion to keep the traditions going. The filmmakers began by documenting one local car club here in Austin, Texas, the Kontinentals, on their annual road trip to the Paso Robles car show in California. Since then, they've been shooting car historians, builders, collectors, and icons of the trade all across the United States, exploring the question of why this car culture is important to American identity and history - and why driving a metal-flaked, chopped, channeled, and lowered car is still cool.