Voodoo Cowboy Entertainment is a business dedicated to the exploration of imagination, creativity, and inspiration in film, music, athletics, and art. Founded by Mark Mueller, owner and founder of Mueller Law, LLC, Mueller believes that creative expression is as vital as it is inevitable, and his ambition is to help usher those unique and inspired perspectives into the world with the proper support, infrastructure, and creative control that an artist deserves. Voodoo Cowboy Entertainment produces films, promotes musicians, sponsors athletes, and patronizes the arts. We support local investments, green filmmaking, and the development of the entertainment community in Austin, Texas. Our staff includes a broad range of tastemakers and thought leaders from industries like music, film, economics, law, new media, and adventure. At Voodoo Cowboy, we work together to help our artists and athletes reach their full potential by maximizing our resources to highlight the best of their abilities. We overcome the obstacles. We make magic happen.