Voodoo Cowboy is an entertainment business dedicated to the exploration of imagination, creativity, and inspiration in film, music, athletics, and art. We believe that creative expression is as vital as it is inevitable, and our ambition is to help usher those unique and inspired perspectives into the world with the proper support, infrastructure, and creative control that an artist deserves. We make films, promote musicians, sponsor athletes, and patronize the arts. We support local investment, green film making, and the development of the entertainment community in Austin, Texas.

The people of Voodoo Cowboy encompass a broad range of experiences in music, film, economics, law, new media, and adventure. We work together to help our artists and athletes reach their full potential, maximizing our resources to highlight the best of their abilities.


Mark Mueller, Founder

Terry Thornton, Music Management

Sandip Chakra, Shaman in Residence

Orlando Sanz

Strategic Partners:

Austin Museum of Digital Art

Film Science, LLC

First Night Austin



Rocket Recruiting

Texas Avenue Films